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We understand in the short-term, compliance is not a revenue generator for organizations; However, an effective Compliance Program will add value, save organizations in potential fines, and increase patient safety while ensuring ethical decision making occurs.   We primarily focus on prevention, detection and correction and guarantee:

Guarantee One

All services are scalable to the organization.  For instance, if you are a family practice, our services will be tailor made to your organization. 

Guarantee Two

At our core, we are collaborators.  We understand the time and financial constraints most companies face.  Our focus on collaboration allows us to foster genuine working relationships which produce optimal results.  

Our Services

Program Formation

Our team will guide your organization through the initial Compliance Program Formation.  Everything from Charter Templates, Board Reports, Compliance Plan Templates, Sample Code of Conducts, ect…

Program Assessment

Using the Office of Inspector General and Department of Justice Guidelines, our team will conduct a thorough and scalable Compliance Program Assessment 

Continuous Support

Our team will stand in as compliance subject matter experts on an as needed basis through phone, email, virtual meetings and on-site support. 

C.I.A. Assistance

Corporate Integrity Agreements or State Monitoring plans can create a stressful environment for an organization.  Our team will guide the organization through the process.  

Interim Compliance Officer

A qualified member of our team will act as the organization’s interim Compliance Officer and assist in the search for a permanent employee.

Licensing & Accreditation

Our team will complete any initial state licensing applications for start-up organizations as well as additional accreditation application requirements.  

Policy & Procedure Formation

Our team will assist in drafting policies and procedures, provide templates and create a policy structure.  Additionally, we will assist in leading the policy and procedures committee meetings.

Root Cause Analysis

Our team will assist in completing a root cause analysis with appropriate recommendations and corrective actions.  

Survey Preparedness

Our team will ensure your organization is prepared for any state or regulatory body survey.  

Various Chart Audits

Our team will conduct various chart audits i.e., billing/coding, privacy, medical necessity and much more. 

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